i recently let my old website die; it wasn’t worth the hosting fee, and i didn’t feel like i had much left to do with it after applying to grad school. but, the one thing i did miss was the little blog i’d started, and after a recent conversation with james bean i decided to start a new lighter site, hosted via github pages.

a little bit about my current development habits. i’m fairly new to serious development, having decided to make the switch from music composition to computer science about a year ago. in that time i’ve focused on learning c++, because the first language i learned was c in high school, and because one of my favorite projects, supercollider, is written in c++.

in the gap year between master’s degrees, i’ve learned a lot. i hope i continue to learn this much every day for the rest of my life. i hope i continue to make this many mistakes every day for the rest of my life. i am a proud person sometimes, but i work to stay honest and try to ask for help when i need it.

now, i work on two larger projects. one of them is supercollider. the other is a swift project with james bean called dn-m.

most of my time right now is going to “breadth studies.” eventually, i want to narrow in on artificial intelligence. but there is a lot of context i’m missing having come from music. i had to spend some time studying fuxian counterpoint and common practice tonal theory before i could get to the kernel of more recent sound-based art. so, i’m taking the same methodical and disciplined approach to computer science. having spend a few years studying to be a professional pianist, this type of discipline is not difficult for me. learning vim has almost been a throwback in that regard.

and honestly, i am a bit over the high-hype spheres for now. i was saturated in that environment at the yale school of music. i became sick with it. and it feels like that’s out there in “tech”, and without being critical of anything i haven’t fully experienced yet, i can firmly say it is not my cup of tea, at least not for the next little while. so if you have the same feeling (and i think some of you do): don’t worry, i’m not going to be pushing myself to you.

so, right now i’m studying breadth: programming languages, algorithms, software engineering, stats, calculus, and linear algebra. some of that is review, but a lot of it is very new and exciting. in fact, even the old stuff is exciting; i haven’t touched calculus in almost 8 years. but frankly, integrals are beautiful and i’ve been happy simply to rediscover that vigorous elegance of properties and formulae.

i don’t quite know what i’m going to be talking about yet, but it will probably be little posts about things that excite me, longer posts reviewing books and other resources i’ve used, and posts about ideas and code related to supercollider, dn-m, and my own projects.

my hopes for this blog: that someone will learn along with me. that i will learn something by reflecting on things i’ve done. that it will keep me honest and fresh and curious.

here’s my music recommendation for today. it’s what i listened to while writing this post.

Celer: Climing Formation. Entropy Records, 2013.

see you soon.