Today I announce that after four years of continuous work, I am ending my involvement with SuperCollider.

Developing and maintaining this project has been a truly unique experience for me, one that I deeply cherish. However, my personal and professional life have evolved greatly in that time, and I no longer wish to continue.

I have already removed myself from most admin and moderator roles. If I’ve missed any feel free to remove me, no need to ask. The next release, 3.12.0, will be managed by Josh Parmenter and Marcin Pączkowski. I’ve pushed my in-progress branches to my personal fork (, and have archived the repository in case any work there is useful to someone else in the future.

If anyone needs my assistance handing over permissions or access levels, please write me. Otherwise, I would ask that you please not contact me about SuperCollider, for any other reason.

I wish the best for SuperCollider as a project and a community, and hope that it will thrive for many years to come.


moss (pronouns: they/it)